This Way In To Music (TM) for Children with Autism


This Way In To Music (TWIM) is a program custom created for families raising children on the Autism Spectrum or with other "diffability."

What is TWIM?

This Way In To Music (TWIM) is a PLAY based MUSIC Interaction program.  It is designed to be inclusive and increase engagement between family members with differing communication capacities.


Offering suggestions and music themed game ideas to help reduce social isolation for children with differing relational abilities, TWIM can reduce parental stress and social distress in the family. It's FLOOR based and FUN!  

Excellent Music Program for families, teachers or siblings adapting to a loved one's AUTISM, ASPERGER'S, CEREBRAL PALSY, ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURY (ABI), DOWNS SYNDROME.

You can Order easily NOW:  TWIM is available via an affordable, easy to access subscription program of $49.95 for a year.  You'll get 8 sessions delivered in a 12 month period PLUS a Parent Survival Starter Kit to help reduce stress.


Having a family member with a DIFFABILITY can be challenges at times and very heart warming and rewarding at others.  Your world changes and you adapt to a new paradigm of what it means to be a parent of a child with specific needs.


The aim of our program (THIS WAY IN TO MUSIC or "TWIM") is parents, siblings and others to use MUSIC based games to encourage interaction, comfort, self-control and confidence for the child with DIFFABILITY.

You will get to watch several families with children on the SPECTRUM or with other DIFFABILITIES engage with parents or teachers in new ways; and learn to adapt the strategies for YOUR child through trial and error.  You'll also get to hear and chat with other parents about what worked for them.

The 8 Sessions per Year ongoing digital program is PLAY based and premised on the 4 C's and 5 E's of Alex Smith's music interaction program.


The program Alex Smith created, based on being a father of a child on the spectrum and working for 20 years in special education, is all about one thing:  Empathy.

By working to understand the frustrations of living with a DIFFABILITY, lead singer from the Australian band MOVING PICTURES ("Picture This") has a son with DIFFABILITY and learning your child's capacity to engage in new environments, you can provide new opportunities for:  (1) comfort in social situations; (2) compassion for differences; (3) confidence with self-expression & communication (verbal or non-verbal).

Using suggestions from the program and your own expertise as the expert on your child's best interests;

You will find the program increases your range of positive interactions with your child; builds on different forms of communication & socialisation capacity (much of which is innate even with different brain wiring); and you will gain the potential for improving your child's comfort and self-regulation skills (helping reduce melt downs over time).




We help parents adapt to living with a child with DIFFABILITY.  

From Diagnosis to Graduation, our programs are self-accessible and self-directed. 

They are not therapy they are games designed to aid individuals to communicate with other individuals who have Diffability.  

Each segment can stand alone, but the full series as a whole builds capacity over time.  These real-family, real-life filmed sessions (often in home environments) are designed to empower parents to use innate skills to help their child adapt to living in a world where their social engagement comfort levels are unique.

THIS WAY IN TO MUSIC - 8 video segments a year and a starter pack only $49.95 for the entire year's subscription based series - delivered digitally so you can have quick access as the sessions are released.

(Option 1: Annual subscription - FULL Program for $49.95 (8 sessions plus Parent Adaptation Kit "the PAK")

Option 2:  Sampler Session for $19.95

Option 3:  Sampler Session plus the Parent Adaptation Kit ("PAK) for $29.95 

Option 4:  Full program  (8 sessions delivered every 5 to 8 weeks), plus the PAK plus the basic music kit from our Sponsor(s).

Each easy-to-use 30 to 40 minute segment offers suggestions and concepts from which to base your OWN interaction games specifically tailored to your child or family with Diffability.  

There are also downloadable and printed tip sheets and parent-to-parent sharing of tips via our special forum (in development).  



We have several options for families adapting to diffability. 

These include an "Emergency Adaptation Kit" designed for parents coping with a diagnosis of neuro-developmental differences (such as Autism or Asperbers or Cerebral Palsy or ABI) - about what to remember and lean on during times of despair), to an 8-session series of Music Interaction Program Ideas for engaging a child with communication, cognitive, sensory and/or perception DIFFABILITY.

Our program aims cover three primary areas:

1) To reduce social isolation for families with neuro-developmental differences through FUN music based interaction tailored to your child (small doses and allowing them to lead in a social environment is key)

2) To assist parents to find new avenues of interaction with their child who has communication DIFFABILITIES (verbal or non-verbal, cognitive challenges, sensory sensitivities and other characteristics of Autism Spectrum Conditions, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and Acquired Brain Injury).

3) To encourage self-regulation skills and COMFORT seeking in new situations, which we have seen helps build a child's CONFIDENCE and social skills over time, within the family and outside the family such as in schools.


Nurturing CONFIDENCE & SELF REGULATION in NEW social situations

Why we started this program: 

We have been filming this program for over 3 years, and are releasing our segments beginning October 2017.  (Pre-Order now and be one of the first to benefit from this new progam! Only $49.95 for the entire year's series of 8 sessions (or a starter kit for $19.95).

Why we believe in the value of what we offer parents:

The program is designed by singer Alex Smith (Australia & the UK) with the assistance of Special Needs Education expert Ric Davidson (Sydney) and Health Researcher & Counsellor Connie May, MHST (Melbourne). 

The Team:

Singer Alex Smith has over 20 years experience in music interaction and special education settings in the UK and Australia.  He is also raising a now-young adult child who is on the Autism Spectrum.

Encouraged by what he saw as minor changes to social interaction strategies, using the indisputable power of music that suits children who are sound-sensitive, Alex has honed numerous engagement games and other strategies for improving social interactions for children and parents living with DIFFABILITY. 

The This Way In To Music (TM) Journey will help you become more confident in: 


Play Time and Social Interaction

Innovation to Encourage Skills Building

Understanding your Child's Meltdown Moments and how to help avert them 

How using home made music tools can increase a child's confidence & comfort in NEW social situations  



For the past several years, Singer Alex Smith, Education Expert Ric Davidson and Health Researcher Connie May MHST have been volunteering their time and resources to help produce this program.  This Way In To Music (TM) is officially launching in August 2017 and the first segment is being delivered in late October or early November 2017.

Pre-sales available and our program makes an EXCELLENT gift for parents of children with special needs including children on the Autism Spectrum.

What's good to know about this music themed program for children with DIFFABILITY including ASD.


The program is PLATFORM friendly and FLOOR friendly. 


The program does NOT require any musical knowledge or musical ability.

There will be TWIM-friendly music kits available (discounted to Subscribers).    

However, you can easily implement the program with common household objects as described in the Special Parent Starter kit.

As a subscriber, you will also receive access to tips from other parents and researchers who are active in forwarding the social comfort and communication capacities of individuals with DIFFABILITY including: 

Atypical neuro-developmental conditions such as Autism (ASD) and Asperger's

Down's Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)



What the PROGRAM entails:

It is ANNUAL subscription based for only $49.95 AUD (Ask us about the price in your region if you are in the USA or another country - easily delivered via digital means).

An annual Subscription (renewable) gives you: 

8 Series Interaction Resources a year delivered approximately every 5 to 8 weeks; annual membership to the parent, carer and teacher FORUMS.

SEGMENT FORMAT:  Digital Downloadable Formats for $49.95 for the annual subscription.

For a USB version instead of a downloadable format, add $30.00 AUD or USD to cover shipping and handling in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or UK.

Program Options:

$49.95 AUD for complete downloadable program

$99.95 for program plus shipped music pack from our Music Team Sponsor(s) (Australia, USA, New Zealand or UK only at the present time).  

But you do not NEED to get the music pack; common household goods also work well.

Emergency Kit (Special Parent Starter Kit): if you prefer a sampler first, buy just the first 30 minute segment and get the Emergency Pack/Downloadable helpful tips for special parents: $29.95 AUD/USD.


Our program is adaptable to nearly all form of cognitive, sensory, physical, perceptive and communication DIFFABILITY.  In fact, our program is more strategic than directive - it encourages you to use trial and error and innovative exercises to engage socially with your child with unique needs and DIFFABILITY communication styles.

About our Team and Program Founders:

Our Founders, Singer Alex Smith, Education expert Ric Davidson, and Health Researcher Connie May MHST, are passionate about helping improve the lives of children and families living with DIFFABILITY. 

  • Alex Smith, Lead Singer of the band Moving Pictures, has led a diverse life. From singing  hit songs such as "What About Me" and "Never Never" (in the Footloose film soundtrack). to working in Special Education for children with complex needs and ability challenges, Alex and his wife Sophie are the parents of two fantastic children, one who has an ASD Spectrum DIFFABILITY.    


  • Ric Davidson brings over 20 years in education delivery, special needs education and video and other multi-media production.

  • Connie May MHST, holds a Masters in Health. Her focus is on Population Wellness & Loss and Grief Accommodation, including helping parents adapt to a new lifestyle of being a Special Parent to a child with DIFFABILITY.  She is a population health focused researcher & writer and media producer; as well as a liaison for volunteerism for disadvantaged members of our communities. 


Is your program essentially MUSIC therapy?


No, it is NOT music therapy. The program's primary aim is social engagement using music and easy-to-follow strategies for parents and teachers to help build comfort and confidence in social situations for children who struggle with interpersonal communication and social interactions due to having a diffability.


This Way Into Music (TWIM) is:

NOT Music Therapy

NOT a substitute for in-person support systems 

NOT a replacement for school-based programs

NOT prescriptive or directive 

NOT a "one size fits all" program

What it IS is a music interaction program for parents and family members and teachers and carers and friends of people living with Diffability.  ADOPT, ADAPT, ADJUST -  Flexiblity is a key focus of TWIM.

The primary aim is to EMPOWER parents with CONFIDENCE and ENGAGEMENT SKILLS and to help them adapt to life with a child or family with DIFFABILITY.

Do I have to be musical to implement this program?  
Answer: NO. This program uses music and sound-making materials or instruments as a PLAY session or GAME to encourage communication (non-verbal or otherwise) and reduce social isolation. There is a strong likelihood of skill transfer and self-regulation skills building for some individuals (ask us for details or become involved in a session-study).

Subscription based program:  $49.95 for 8 sessions annually. 

How to order:  In Australian, phone 0491 105 123 or email us on the contact page.  We accept bank transfers, paypal or credit card payments. 


 In addition to our annual subscription for the 8 segment series over 12 months; we also offer a Sampler pack: $29.95 AUD each for either (a) the first TWIM session or (b) the Emergency Pack (Diagnosis Adaptation Kit) which covers emotional aspects of adapting to the dawning or diagnosis of having a child with DIFFABILITY.

Annual Subscription:  $49.95 for the full 8 Series in digital formats, renewable annually, or $99.95 annually for the full 8 sessions, the Emergency Pack and the music-pack kit from our Sponsor(s).

With over 20 years of expertise in Music Education and self-empowered by reading and learning all he could to help his son develop despite his challenges, Alex is passionate about helping other parents. families, teachers and carers to adapt to living with DIFFABILITY in the family and community environments.