This Way In To Music

Transforming Families Living with DIFFABILITY through the Power of Music and Sound


What is THIS WAY IN TO MUSIC all about?

This Way In To Music is a digitally delivered music-themed program. Designed by musician Alex Smith, it aims to help parents and children living with DIFFABILITY. It is designed to help families who have children with all forms of neuro-developmental differences. It’s particularly effective for families living with Autism or Asperger’s (being “on the spectrum”), Cerebral Palsy, MS, Motor-Neuron Diseases and Acquired Brain Injuries (ABIs).

Our program can help families living with Diffability. IT can be adapted to meet the capacities of the child and to encourage attention, socialisation and connection – no matter what differences exist.

What does this MUSIC program for children with Autism or Diffability aim to achieve?

Our Program is designed to aid families in transforming socialisation, play time and skills building capacities. The program provides REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of at-home, play based session themes. Parents can implement these using home made instruments or inexpensive store bought versions. We’re essentially talking small drums or bongos, pots or pans and wooden spoons, tamborines, hand shakers, ukuleles or guitars – basically anything that can be used to generate a sound.

The tools and tips we provide include special strategies to meet THREE key TWIM Music Interaction objectives:

(A) arousing attention to increase willingness to participate in music themed games (reducing tendencies towards withdrawal),

(B) building comfort in controlled settings to enhance communication and connection (reducing isolation, potential for cognitive transfer),

(C) generating mimesis and self-regulatory behaviours (increasing comfort with changes/minimising meltdown tendencies).


Who developed the session strategies underpinning the This Way In To Music program?

The program was developed and honed by Alex Smith over 20 years of working in special needs education in the UK.  He is the lead singer in the Australian band Moving Pictures, best known for the song “What About Me” and “Never” heard in the Footloose soundtrack, but became involved in special needs education and music interaction as a Trainer/Educator and Parent of a child on the Autistic Spectrum. An avid researcher to empower his own family and those he instructed in the UK special needs education system, Alex drew on numerous resources and extensive experience (including trial and error) to compile his proprietary system of working with children with special needs; he now brings this to other parents, carers, teachers and educators with a passion for using music interaction towards positive changes.

  • Alex Smith and his wife Sophie are loving parents to two amazing children.
  • One of their two children became diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum diffability early in life (Asperger’s).
  • So our program founder, Alex, has first-hand experience raising a child with a DIFFABILITY and how that impacts the family dynamic and education system decisions.
  • He has an additional 20 years of working with hundreds of families and children with special needs using music interaction techniques.

He has done extensive personal research into how to best help families adapt to the challenges they face when their children move through the education system and/or socialise or study with peers who have different capacities and unfamiliar ways of processing events.

We know that “where words fail, music speaks” and we know the power of our brains to connect using music.

So our program uses music-themed sessions to engage (stimulating attention), connect (encouraging emotional intimacy), and playfully imitate (mimesis) ways of using music and instruments to enjoy social interactions with others in the family or learning group.

There are several methods of participation.  The Program is designed as a Series (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and beyond) of 8 digitally delivered sessions that parents, carers and teachers can use to learn and hone these skills.  We also offer downloadable guides to help parents adapt to initial diagnosis and filmed interviews to help them understand the different ranges of professionals that may be able to assist with their child’s development, education and growth.

Annual Subscription

8 Digital Sessions of real experiences of families with children with Diffability – plus downloadable resources and tips from Alex Smith. The cost is only $49.95 USD/AUD and the REAL EXAMPLE SESSIONS are digitally delivered over 8 months in 2018.  The first session release (of Year 1 Series) is due out on the 31st January 2018, with the second session releasing by 30th March 2018.  See our product pages for details.

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Emergency Parent Pack: Adapt Pack

Getting a diagnosis (or suspected diagnosis) of your child’s diffability can be confronting for most parents and family members.  So we’ve created Special Resources for parents who have just found out their child has a DIFFABILITY, such as Autism or Asbergers (on the spectrum), Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, MND, or an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

The ADAPT Pack is only $19.95 (digital format) or $49.95 (paper and USB key delivery).

The ADAPT Pack includes one REAL LIFE EXAMPLE session along with downloadable tips sheets for printing or laminating.

$19.95 (PDF and digital); $49.95 (USB or paper version).  Shipping outside of Australia or the USA may incur additional shipping and handling fees; contact us for details if you prefer the non-digital version.  Delivery time frames for digital: As per the release schedule or upon order for pre-released segments. Delivery time frames for USB/paper versions:  Allow up to 20 days post session release date.

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Full TWIM Series PLUS Music Packs

You do NOT need special instruments to employ the strategies of Music Interaction that we share in our TWIM program.  However, we have arranged for discounted packs of musical instruments for TWIM families at a special rate. Contact us for a catalogue (available in March 2018). We will be offering four (4) different packs to suit all budgets and needs and these will include special discount offers from Music Store sponsors.

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Welcome to the THIS WAY IN TO MUSIC program pages from parent & musician, Alex Smith.

We know it can be challenging to have a child, or children, who have different neurological or physical abilities to others in the community.

Alex Smith:

“I know, as I am the parent of a child on the Spectrum (Autism Spectrum).

My wife, Sophie, and I found it frustrating to get our child the attention we felt he needed as he journeyed through his early education years. I ended up going into special needs education (special education) as a Music Interaction Program trainer.

I served for over 20 years in the UK special needs education and music interaction training systems, helping teachers, parents and carers learn these powerful methods.  I saw a lot of cognitive transfer of skills and comfort levels in new situations, and I felt called to offer this program and my insights to other parents who want to use the POWER of MUSIC to help their children progress as far as possible in life.”

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Founder, Alex Smith



Producer/Director, Connie May MHST

Special Needs Education Program Advisor, Ric Davidson 

Connect with our Team

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