Meet the This Way In To Music team:

Alex Smith, Connie May MHST, Ric Davidson and Director Ron Brown

We have been investing our own time, energy and volunteerism for between 3 years to 20 years.

For the last 4 years, we have been working with families in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) Australia to demonstrate the program.

The program is ideal for use by:

  • families
  • parents
  • grandparents
  • older siblings
  • carers
  • teachers
  • disability workers
  • Special Needs teachers
  • more

They are a digital series of streaming videos available by subscription. We will be releasing at least 5 videos/streaming sessions of 20 to 30 minutes each in 2019 and are targeting release of 6 to 12 videos a year for five (5) years.

We need financial assistance or corporate sponsorship to complete our FIRST YEAR’s pilot episodes (filmed but in need of post-production assistance).

We are also working on a practical book for parents of children with special needs such as being on the Spectrum of Autism (ASD/Asperger’s) or having Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), MND or other ability differences and children undergoing various cancer treatments.

Target book publishing date: September – December 2019.

First series release target: August 2019 but may vary depending on Sponsorship.

By: Alex Smith, parent of a child on the Spectrum and Connie May MHST, health researcher/writer and digital marketing specialist.

This book includes interviews with parents who found ways to adapt or accommodate living with a special needs child and working their way through the education system.

Please note we are NOT a non-profit organisation but we are community-focused. We have plans to:

  • hire people of varying abilities and diagnosis as we grow (remember, a diagnostic “label” is simply that – a label – it does NOT define anyone or what they can do).
  • hire people over 50 who are facing age discrimination challenges
  • help retrain musicians who have lost their careers and life purpose when the music industry went digital, when record labels collapsed and/or when people started pirating music instead of buying it
  • work with parent groups, teachers, carers and others to help them understand how to use music themed GAMES effectively to engage children and families with special needs
  • fund schooling for special needs children who want to further their interests in music-related fields or music-program related industries
  • our current goal (2019) is to attract a SPONSOR and/or other seed money to finish the production of the footage we have for 5 first PILOT episodes
  • these will be sold online as a subscription so the program will be self-funding (targeting year 2-3)
  • however we are also going to post free resources and host PARENT forums to help parents connect with EACH OTHER to learn tips for raising children on the spectrum or with other unique challenges and ability differences

Want to help us fund our program?

Contact Connie May MHST 0421995522 (program director/community engagement).

Read more about our TEAM on our ABOUT US page.


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