Music Interaction Episodes

This Way In To Music Interaction Program – a pilot program that ended in January 2020.


Please contact us for information if you are an organisation who seeks to sponsor the program or a philanthropist who has an intersest in funding music interaction programs or television programs for children with autism, aspergers, cerebral palsy, MND, MS, ABIs, NDD or other conditions requiring special parenting / special needs support.


Note: the program needs a sponsor or philanthropist to support the post-production of our pilot program footage.



Music Interaction Skills for Special Needs Families

This Way In To Music was developed and piloted to help bring siblings, parents, grandparents, teachers and carers into positive engagement experiences with children who are neuro-diverse or differently-abled.

The program aims to combat the isolation and challenges facing special needs parents today, and to help special need teachers and carers develop new skills to assist children with neurological differences and learning disorders or communication delays.



Thanks to all the very special children and parents who volunteered for, and participated in, the family music-interaction activity sessions as part of the pilot program from 2015-2019.


Sponsors and philanthropists

Corporate sponsors or support groups and philanthropists interested in helping families living with ability differences (disabilities) are welcomed to get in contact with Connie (details on the home page).


One of the joys of This Way In To Music is watching children with neuro-diversity take the INITIATIVE and get the opportunity to LEAD a game of FUN music interaction, whatever way that suits them best. The smiles on their faces lights up the parents and everyone else in the room!



What’s great about This Way In To Music music-themed activities for families with special needs (and their teachers/carers/siblings)?

  • It’s about INCLUSION and potential SKILLS TRANSFER
  • It’s about RELAXATION, JOY and FUN
  • And it’s easy to use – an ideal family bonding and socialisation opportunity for parents and families raising children on the Spectrum of Autism, or with an Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Social Anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, MND or other neuro-diversity (formerly called disability).
  • Remember, a LABEL is simply that – it does not DEFINE you, your child or anyone else living with an ability difference. It’s merely a word.
  • So we prefer the words PRE-verbal instead of non-verbal, and neuro-diverse instead and differently abled (diffabled) instead of the outdated words like “disabled”.


Special Needs Music Program — using music interaction exercises and theories — is ideal for parents and teachers of children on the spectrum of Autism or other ability challenges including Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Spinal Injury and more.


  • Parents are strongly encouraged to innovate and adapt session content to suit their child’s specific abilities and communication preferences while gently inviting (never forcing) increasing participation levels (connections/inclusion/belonging) through creative game-making and child-led music games

THIS WAY INTO MUSIC by Alex Smith reminds us to remain innovative and experimental with SOUND and MUSIC as a form of socialisation. It’s a potentially new DOOR into the world of a child with different connecting abilities or neuro-diverse brain wiring.

Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities or philanthropic funding for our Special Needs Music Program information and/or interviews with the team.

CONNECT WITH US  –  for a world where special needs parents can use the power of MUSIC – where words have previously failed.