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This Way In To Music Interaction Program by Singer Alex Smith – Sessions & Segments

Welcome to more information about our Music Interaction Program for children and families living with Special Needs.

Watch our program introduction video (in search of sponsors as of May 2019).

  • This music interaction program is all about CONNECTION, COMFORT and BELONGING – a chance to communicate using music-themed games
  • It’s about INCLUSION and potential SKILLS TRANSFER
  • It’s about RELAXATION, JOY and FUN
  • And it’s easy to use – an ideal family bonding and socialisation opportunity for parents and families raising children on the Spectrum of Autism, or with an Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Social Anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, MND or other neuro-diversity (formerly called disability).
  • Remember, a LABEL is simply that – it does not DEFINE you, your child or anyone else living with an ability difference. It’s merely a word.
  • So we prefer the words PRE-verbal instead of non-verbal, and neuro-diverse instead and differently abled (diffabled) instead of the outdated words like “disabled”.


Special Needs Music Program for parents of children on the spectrum of Autism or with other ability challenges is about (scroll down for the FLYER):

Music Program Details: How is THIS WAY IN TO MUSIC delivered?

  • Delivered digitally via the internet (online streaming) so you can watch or listen at your convenience.
  • Streamed video options for full sessions but you can also listen to the audio-only file or to our upcoming podcasts as part of your subscription.

Music Program Price: This Way In To Music (Episodes or Series options – digital delivery via internet streaming)

  • Only $47.95 USD/AUD for a single session, $220 USD/AUD for the yearly series (renewable annually)
  • Full one year subscription includes 6 to 10 session episodes, downloadable PDF tips sheets, bonus Adapt Pack materials and special needs parenting resources
  • Music Packs are also available although you can readily use second-hand items (guitars, shakers) or pots, pans and wooden spoons or other readily-found household objects


What can Alex Smith’s music program for children with special needs, including AUTISM and CEREBRAL PALSY or other conditions, help with?

Transforming families living with special needs – using music interaction as a form of social inclusion, comfort and connection.

As a special needs parent using Alex Smith’s This Way In To Music program, you’ll learn how to innovate with music interaction strategies. These may help you to:

  • connect and engage with your child in the home environment
  • reduce tendencies to otherwise withdraw or rely only on habitual comforts and solo activities
  • invite other family members into interaction sessions (light-hearted, task-less play sessions using sound and rhythm), e.g. inviting SIBLINGS who may feel left out or disconnected due to the ability differences and your attention sometimes focused on the special needs child due to necessity – in other words, using music to CONNECT the family and ENGAGE in a session bringing fun, belonging and relaxation
  • help your child learn to relax or self-regulate in new situations or social situations (cognitive transfer opportunities)
  • give you and your family a chance to have some FUN REPRIEVE in an otherwise anxiety-filled week
  • FUN! (did we say FUN)?
  • learn more about your child and what they are capable of in terms of interaction and learning because it’s TASKLESS yet has potential benefits in cognition and communication improvements

Our program can work for families with children with a wide range of neurological differences (disability) we call NEURO-DIVERSITY (neurodiversity).

Including children with limited verbal abilities (pre-verbal) to non-verbal due to physical conditions such as MND or Cerebral Palsy, to high-communication individuals on the Spectrum of Autism or Asperger’s – to children who are paraplegic or wheelchair bound.

  • Each session is applicable and adaptable for nearly ANY form of disability or cognitive communication challenge. 
  • You’re also encouraged to experiment and adapt these session ideas regularly, to make these music interaction games and taskless sessions your own, to meet the needs of YOUR child.


This Music Interaction program can help bring comfort, calm and connection opportunities for families with children with social anxiety as well as Autism, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy, MND or other cognitive, perceptive, sensory, communication and motor-neurological challenges.

  • It features episodes of REAL families using the This Way In To Music program along with Alex Smith’s insights and recommendations for approaches
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to innovate and adapt session content to suit their child’s specific abilities and communication preferences while gently inviting (never forcing) increasing participation levels (connections/inclusion/belonging) through creative game-making and child-led music games

THIS WAY INTO MUSIC by Alex Smith reminds us to remain innovative and experimental with SOUND and MUSIC as a form of socialisation. It’s a potentially new DOOR into the world of a child with different connecting abilities or neuro-diverse brain wiring.


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