TWIM Lessons (Online)

Music Interaction Program for children with Autism, ABI, Cerebral Palsy, Social Anxiety or other Diffabilities

What it is: Filmed LIVE demonstrations of program sessions with real families. Delivered digitally via the internet so you can watch or listen at your convenience. Streamed video options for full sessions but you can also save the MP3 to listen to as an audio file. Only $49.95 per year subscription or $79.95 for two years prepaid.

What it helps with: you’ll learn how to innovate with music interaction strategies to engage and relax your child in new situations.  We work with children of a wide range of diffability, from limited verbal to non-verbal to high-communication Autism to children who are paraplegic or wheelchair bound. Each session is applicable to ANY diffability and you’re encourage to experiment and make these music interaction games your own.

This program series can help with social anxiety as well as autism or other cognitive, perceptive, sensory, communication and motor-neurological challenges.

REAL families using This Way In To Music approaches to engage children with DIFFABILITY and enjoy new ways of social interaction and self-regulating play games.

Available as an Annual Subscription for $49.95 a year (8 Sessions, delivered digitally by the end of: January, April, May, July, August,  September/October, November, December. Note that we film REAL parents and REAL sessions with children with diffability, so delivery schedules may vary slightly. But you will receive links and passwords to 8 sessions distributed over 12 months. One family per subscription. For school subscriptions, contact us by email or phone.

ADAPT Package

If you just found out your child is “on the spectrum” of Autism or Asbergers or has a DIFFABILITY such as Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Motor-Neuron Disease or MS, it can take some time to adapt your mindset to being a parent of a child with special needs.

This ADAPT PACK (only $19.95) – Adaptation Tips and Tools for Families to accommodate a diagnosis of a DIFFABILITY.

Includes:  TIP sheet for keeping your mind from the ‘blame game’ and other non-productive thought processes, a real life story about a parent’s journey through their adaptation to living with DIFFABILITY, and tips for your child’s educational processes to help your child grow. It also includes several humorous cartoons you will want to post on your wall or fridge!

Delivery: Digital (we suggest you print these on colour paper and laminate)  – $19.95   –  Pre-Laminated Paper format:  $49.95 including delivery (7-14 days depending on what location you live in/what country).

All prices are USD and AUD (same price). For other countries, please contact us via email on our contact page. Thank you.

Full MUSIC Pack plus SERIES

Music interaction programs do NOT require musical instruments to use, and handy objects – such as pots and pans and boxes, make excellent musical themed ‘instruments’ of attraction for innovative TWIM engagement of children with special needs or communication challenges. Plus, instruments will get USED and potentially destroyed during playtime – not all will, but some will.

We have a list of what we think are good tools to use for the program, such as a few hand shakers, a wooden tamborine and an old guitar or keyboard. BUT parents and teachers must adapt these suggestions to meet the individual child’s capacity, interests, and volatility (as some musical instruments may become ‘throwing balls’ for children who get very excited or frustrated). We work with you to learn how to AVOID these meltdowns, but it’s relies on the parent’s expertise in knowing what IS or ISN’T going to be appropriate for their child. And often that comes from experimentation.

If you wish to add to your music play collection, you can usually find affordable second hand instruments on e-bay, second-hand stores or at our instrument donation site (ask us for details).

But our Sponsors have arranged for a special music interaction pack at a discounted rate.  For your FIRST year’s annual subscription PLUS pack, you’ll receive the six (6) TWIM Lessions, the ADAPT pack extras for Parents who are adapting to a diagnosis of Diffability, PLUS the music game pack (2 shakers, a Tambourine, AND a small drum OR a Ukele OR a small keyboard) – all for $129.95 plus shipping thanks to our affiliate music suppliers.

Shipping and handling in Australia is $15.00 (7-14 days delivery) and shipping and handling to the USA is $20.00 USD.

If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, we may be able to arrange a pick up directly from our Sponsor’s or Affiliates Music Stores.


We offer real examples and strategies to engage family members living with Diffability. But our main message is this: No one is a better expert on your child than you are. We’ll provide the ground work. But we encourage adaptation and innovation and experimentation.

Non-Verbal to Full Functioning – Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ABI, MND, MS, MD

Whatever your child’s current capacity for communication, our music interaction sessions will help you to engage their attention, arouse their interest, build emotional intimacy and connection, and transfer skills using memesis to build comfort with new situations. Read our BLOG for real-life stories featured in our First Year Series.

Next Steps…

Parents and teachers find immense value in our music interaction sessions. They use our examples to increase social interaction through music-themed games to help children where a DIFFABILITY impacts their ability to verbalise, communicate, socialise or be comfortable in new situations. Learning to find COMFORT in new situations can even help reduce meltdowns.

We essentially show parents and special needs education teachers how they can harness the power of music – and innate traits of memesis – for comfort, calmness, sustained attention and cognitive transfer in new situations.

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